Sea Fresh, a complete range of fresh fish

Sea Fresh is a leading name in the field of import, export, and distribution of all kinds of fresh fish. Sea Fresh employees work as a close-knit team to provide our clients with the best the sea has to offer. We are fish enthusiasts who appreciate and recognise quality fresh fish.
In short, Sea Fresh means fresh fish!

Our products

Sea Fresh supplies almost all kinds of fresh fish: from cod to pike perch and from salmon to lobster. We specialise in fresh yellowfin tuna. Sea Fresh thus indirectly supplies a large proportion of the Dutch sushi market. Our products are processed in-house and then packaged in tempex or plastic multi-packs.

Our clients

Sea Fresh has a wide range of clients: from retail to wholesale, international cash-and-carry outlets, and supermarkets that display their fish on ice. Not only are our products transported daily to our clients in the Benelux, Germany, France and Sweden, but also flown to America and Asia. Order today for delivery tomorrow!


Since we have our own production facilities in Urk, we can guarantee the highest standards of quality and hygiene. Everything is managed by our own employees, so we supply you with only the best! Our processes and products meet the highest standards of food safety and quality, as a result of which Sea Fresh is IFS Higher Level-certified.

Sustainable fish

We believe it is important that future generations can also enjoy delicious fish. Therefore, sustainability is important to us. As a specialist in yellowfin tuna, we have been involved in our sustainable tuna project in the Philippines daily since 2010 in collaboration with the WNF.

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quality fresh seafood!

Fresh fish

Our range is broadly divided into the following categories: North Sea fish, farmed fish, freshwater fish, shellfish and exotic fish species.

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We have been a tuna specialist for quite some time, particularly fresh yellowfin tuna. We receive tuna almost daily, flown in freshly from Sri Lanka, the Maldives and the Philippines straight after being caught.

To ensure clients are always guaranteed a high-quality sustainable tuna product, Sea Fresh has its own factory in Sri Lanka, Northwest Fishery, where tuna is processed daily. We know exactly which boats the tuna comes from. It is then processed by our own team. Each tuna can be traced back to the boat and a detailed quality report is produced for each consignment. In short, we have full control over the entire process, from sea to supermarket!

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