Our focus

At Sea Fresh, the day starts early with the purchase of our fresh fish from around the world. Sea Fresh is active at all auctions in the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, and England. In addition to the auctions, we also buy fish from Norway, Iceland, Scotland, France, Spain, Estonia, Poland, Russia, and Canada amongst others. We import exotic fish primarily from Sri Lanka, the Philippines, and the Maldives.

Our employees

Most important to us is that our young, motivated employees work together as a close-knit team to supply clients with the best the sea has to offer. Our employees are fish enthusiasts who appreciate and recognise high-quality fresh fish. They are passionate about the product and the business.

Our processing

We buy our fish whole as much as possible to process ourselves into fillets, or simply to sell whole. Sea Fresh has various kinds of machinery for doing this. A filleting line for cod, coalfish and pike perch. A descaling machine for all roundfish. And hand filleters for flatfish and roundfish.